June 30, 2015

Sad Day

We had to make a decision to put our elderly cat down.  Her name is Lizzy.  She's been lonely and depressed since our other cat passed away last year.  She's also had several health problems over the last year.  It was time for her to go to kitty heaven and see our past cats.....Hank and Harley.

Lizzy picked Nate out at the pound when him and his family went to find a cat.  She grabbed my husband as he walked by and they knew this was the cat for them.  She was already a year or two when she adopted Nate and his family.  21 to 22 years is a nice long cat life.  :*)

RIP- Lizzy Miller

This same day last year was the day that my kitty son, Harley passed away from cancer.  I miss him so much and think about him everyday.  He was 13.

Both of these wonderful cats had happy and wonderful lives.  They were our fur babies and we love them so much.  They will be missed forever.

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