June 19, 2015

Zucchini Ball Mini Pizza Slices

For lunches at work sometimes, I like to be creative.  I had 2 nice size zucchini balls I got from the farmers market.  I thought I'd slice them up and make little pizzas with them.

Here's the farm fresh zucchini balls.

You will need:

zucchini balls (Sliced)
pizza sauce
shredded cheese (I used reduced fat)
pepperoni (I used turkey...16 slices is one serving)

Put your zucchini slices on a plate.  Add sauce, cheese and pepperoni.

Then microwave.  I cooked for 30 seconds.  The microwave at work is crazy hot.

They turned out great.  Everyone commented "It smells like pizza". haha  :)

It tasted like pizza too.  Without the crust and using the zucchini as the base it makes it a little healthier.  :)

You could add your own toppings to this this.  Make it your own and put what you like on it.  :)

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