June 16, 2015

2015 Birthday dinner for Crystal

When thinking about birthday plans for my friend Crystal, my BFF, Kristen and I talked about different places to maybe go to.  I stumbled upon Kenmore Inn and mentioned it to Kristen.  She thought it looked great. We both had never been to the Kenmore Inn and we thought it might be a nice new place for our group of girlfriends to take Crystal to for birthday dinner.

Kristen made reservations for dinner.

The place is awesome.

Here's the menu.

We ordered a cheese plate for the table that had a few different cheeses, poppy seed crackers, and some prosciutto.

For my dinner, I felt like having a burger and that's exactly what I got.

Kenmore Burger:

Grilled and topped with crisp lettuce, Fried green tomatoes, Smoked Bacon jam, with duck fat frites and your choice of cheese.  The waiter suggested cheddar to go with the sweet bacon jam.

The burger was very tasty and the fries were delicious.

Our plan after dinner was to go to Crumb & Get It and get a birthday cupcake.  But by the time we were going to leave the restaurant, the little bakery was closing.  :(

We decided to go to Sweet Frog instead for some low fat froyo.  :)

Here's my special treat.  I was good all week so I could splurge a little.

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