June 28, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #24

My garden is doing terrific and I've been harvesting something just about everyday.

It was a little cloudy when I took this picture this morning.

I've had several visitors the last few mornings.  Makes me smile.  :)

Flowers are doing well.

I have 2 eggplants.  :)  I have a new blossom too.

I've harvested several blueberries.  They are so good too.


This day was awesome.  I got toms, peppers, squash and green beans.  :)

toms and blueberries

Bees working hard.  And my bees share.  :)

I have a few tiny cucumbers.

My toms from the seed swap I went to.  They are doing good.  Just waiting for them to ripen.

Squash plants.

More flowers.  These guys got flooded from heavy downpours we got yesterday.  I dumped most of the water out but I had moved it in a sunnier place to dry out some.

Broccoli still growing even though something is still eating the leaves.

This morning, I got 1 blueberry, toms, and 1 squash.

Here's the lonesome blueberry.  It was so sweet and delicious.

My sunflowers have seen better days.  There's some new ones coming in and then there's some old ones that have died off.  I will save the seeds from them.  :)

Here's the sunflowers I grew in my greenhouse.

The sunflowers I had in my kitchen window have died.  I am drying them out so I can get the seeds.

I did some food prep today.

I cup up all my bell peppers and made a frittata with them.  :)

I also cleaned/prepped all my french green beans I picked up at the farmers market yesterday.

It was a good week in my garden.  :)  I can't wait until it's much cooler out and I can have things growing in my greenhouse.  :)

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