June 21, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #23

It's time for a garden update.

My clearance lillies.  :)

Cucumber blossoms

Patty pan squash

Cherry toms

I've harvested several tomatoes.  :)

All lined up on the kitchen window sill.

Yesterday, I noticed a ripe blueberry on my blueberry bush.

Yesterday, I harvested a blueberry, patty pan squash, 2 green beans and 1 cherry tom.

Pretty eggplant blossom

This morning,  I noticed I have my first eggplant of the season.

I discovered this baby praying mantis the other day hiding in my sunflowers.  They are good luck right? 


Toms from seed swap earlier this year.

Bell pepper

This morning.....I picked some more toms.  :)

In my front flower bed my first daisies of the year popped.  For some reason there aren't as many as years past.  I guess some got pulled up last year during clean up.  :(

I have star gazers popping up all over too.  My front flower bed def needs some major TLC.  The weeds are horrible this year.

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