June 19, 2015

Farmers Market 6/13

I went to the Farmers Market and got a bunch of farm fresh goodies.

I had $52 in cash.  I wasn't planning on spending all of my cash there.  Whatever was left I would use at the grocery store.

Here's my farmers market tote full of stuff.

I put everything in my farmers market box so nothing would smoosh in my tote bag.

When I got home I noticed I had a array of beautiful colors from everything I got.  :)

I got:

green bell peppers
purple bell peppers
1 huge zucchini
2 cucumbers
little baby squash and zukes
bonita squash balls
yellow toms
red grape toms
sweet cheeries
rainbow beans

I love this picture here.  Taste the rainbow.  :)

I spent:  $25.50 leaving me with $26.50 to use at grocery store.  :)  Money well spent, I'd say.

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