June 19, 2015

Toddler Lunches

When I was meal prepping, I made my husband shuck the peas for me.  I had enough to do and I didn't have time to pick peas out of  the shell.  haha  He did a great job.  :)

Anyways, I always try to bring my lunch to work.  Sometimes, I get creative like with the Zucchini ball pizza slices.  Other times, I just want options.  Like my own little smorgasborg.  I like to call them toddler lunches.  :)

Here's some of my lunches so you can get some examples of what you can make for a toddler lunch.

This day, I had a hard boiled egg, reduced fat mozzarella string cheese, turkey pepperoni slices, fresh blueberries, grape toms and cucumber slices.

Hard boiled egg, peas, cucumber slices, grape toms, reduced fat mozzarella string cheese blueberries, and strawberries.

 2 Hard boiled eggs, grape toms, cucumber slices, blueberries, reduced fat extra sharp cheddar cheese, and wheat thins.

Hard boiled egg, cucumber slices, strawberries, farm fresh sweet cherries, fresh blueberries (that I picked), and some farm fresh toms.

Get some more ideas on healthy lunches here.

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