October 24, 2014

Healthy Lunches

I pack my lunches/snacks for work every morning before heading out.  I like seeing what I can come up with to bring to work.  It makes bringing your own lunches kinda fun.  At least for me.  Is that nerdy?  Anyways, this is my week 4 of keeping track of the food I bring to work.

Here's the other weeks.

This week, I brought lunch/snacks every day.  Here's what I had.


This day, I brought reduced fat mozzarella string cheese, baby carrots, farm fresh grape tomatoes, edamame hummus, hard boiled egg, half of small avocado, and fresh raspberries.


I decided to make mini pizzas with an English Muffin again.  I loved it last time I had it so I decided to make it for this day.  I packed everything I needed for the mini pizzas.  Whole wheat English muffin, turkey pepperoni, and reduced fat shredded cheese.  I also brought some fresh raspberries, a hard boiled egg and half a small avocado.

I'm now down to eating only 2 medifast meals a day so I also needed some extra food to snack on before/after meals.  (I eat every 2 hours).  I brought a slice of my homemade whole wheat banana bread, baby carrots, edamame hummus, and a little bit of pizza sauce I needed for my mini pizzas.

Here's the mini english muffin pizzas after I put it all together and heated up.  It's so good.


This day I brought some turkey deli meat, edamame hummus, baby carrots, farm fresh grape tomatoes, red grapes, hard boiled egg, and half of a small avocado.

Edamame hummus is my new thing.  I have to be careful though.  (There's a lot of Vitamin K and I have to watch my Vitamin K intake because I'm on coumadin and it can effect my dosage).  
I've tried different types of hummus and have never really been a fan of it.  This hummus is yummy.  It's my latest obsession.  :)

I also brought some snacks.  I brought some light key lime yogurt, slice of homemade whole wheat banana bread, medifast bar and an apple.  I didn't eat the apple on this day though.  I saved it to have as a snack on the next day.  This day, was my 14 year wedding anniversary.  My husband and I celebrated by having a mini Chinese food buffet at home.  We ordered 5 small dishes of various things and we had little helping from whatever we wanted.  It's nice b/c we also get leftovers.  :)


This day, I brought some beef n' broccoli/white rice leftovers from our Chinese food buffet.  I also brought a medifast bar, 20 mini pretzels, farm fresh grape tomatoes, reduced fat mozzarella string cheese, a hard boiled egg and a half of a small avocado mashed up together. 

Here's the beef n' broccoli with a little bit of white rice.

This is the egg and avocado all mashed up.  People at work thought I was weird combining the two.  How is it weird?  It was YUM.  :)

I dipped my mini pretzels in it.  So good.

I also had that apple I didn't eat from the day before and I had a slice of my homemade whole wheat banana bread as snacks.


I brought some more leftover Chinese food.  General Tso's chicken and some white rice, 20 mini pretzels, mixed fruit cup (with passion fruit), medifast bar, and a nature valley oat's n honey bar.

This IS NOT healthy.  I had an early work meeting and the big boss provided donuts for all of us. I decided to have one.  Look how cute it is with the little pumpkin face?

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