October 5, 2014

Healthy Lunches

About a month ago, I picked up a few Ziploc containers that are perfect for lunches to take to work.  There is 3 compartments in each and the lid snaps on perfectly.

I am still doing Medifast but I'm now down to 3 MF meals per day.  I've lost 72 pounds.  :)  I'm allowed to have fruits, whole grains, more veggies and more protein now.

I plan to start blogging my lunch for the week on Friday's so you can see what I come up with.

FRIDAY:  Spinach and arugula mix, string cheese (reduced fat), dried cranberries, sliced almonds, turkey lunch meat, and sliced strawberries.  While packing the containers, I washed spinach and berries. I also chopped up the turkey, string cheese and I sliced up the strawberries.

I had a small little container that I packed in my lunch bag that had a little bit of my favorite fat free poppy seed dressing.

I mixed my berries and turkey into my salad and added dressing and some black pepper and then ate it.  It was so good.  :)

SUNDAY:   Spinach and arugula mix, string cheese (reduced fat), dried cranberries, sliced almonds, roast beef lunch meat, and red grapes.  I washed the grapes and the spinach.  I also cut up the roast beef and the sting cheese.

I used a light Italian dressing today.  I mixed everything together except for the grapes.  I ate those between salad bites.  

It's fun to come up with new ideas for the lunch containers.

If you're wondering where I got the containers, I got them at the bullseye store.  I will not mention that stores name until they fix an issue that I'm having with them on a return where they made the mistake and they have yet to solve the problem.  I don't have the product or the refund.  And let me say it was less than $10 and I am not happy with their customer service.  

I did read a few days ago on a blog that Ziploc has discontinued these containers so they might be hard to find.

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