October 12, 2014

Taste of Home Cooking Show

This past week at work I helped my promotions staff at the town expo center for the Taste of Home Cooking show.  I felt like a sous chef helping prep everything.  It was actually really fun.

The first thing we had to do was put all the food on a table and then inventory everything to make sure we had all that we needed on the checklist.

We then put foods in the fridge that needed to be.  After that was done we were told what we needed to do.  There was 10 recipes in total that needed to be prepped.

Here's the list of all 10 meals.

I was handed the 'Chicken Marsala Lasagna" sheet.

I washed my hands and I grabbed and gathered everything I needed and got right to it.

Here's Sharon making sausage balls.

Once I was done with my first prep I got started on my second.  This was for "Grilled Cheese & Bacon stuffed Acorn Squash".

I needed a sharp knife to cut the acorn squash.  I found this pack of knives and instantly in my head said "Pack your knives and go".  haha  TOP CHEF!!!  :)

I didn't feel comfortable trying to cut the acorn squash in half.  At home I always make Nate cut big items like this for me b/c I don't want to cut myself.  I asked Chef Amanda if she could help me with this and she was happy to.  :)

Once the squash was halved, I scooped out the seeds, seasoned them and got them on a pan to roast in the oven.

I prepped everything else and then made sure everything that needed to be on the tray was ready to go for the Chef.

Here's Sharon cooking up something for her 2nd recipe.

I then began prep for recipe 3.  This one was called "Maple toast and eggs".

How good does the picture look on this?

I missed the cooking show because I was at the station working.  The 5 of us that helped prep got to take food and goodies home.  Sharon grabbed me some acorn squash and a nice baking dish with a lid.  :)  I'm glad Sharon was able to get me some items.  Some of the volunteers (I won't mention names) were very greedy and tried taking my items.  RUDE!

The acorn dish was okay.  I would have liked some sort of meat with it though.  The title says BACON but I didn't taste or see any bacon in my squash.  I'm not sure if this was forgotten during the cooking or what.  It def wasn't on the prep sheet for me to prep.  Who knows?

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