October 31, 2014


For the last 4 weeks, I've been blogging about my lunches I've been bringing to work.

Now let me talk about my lunches for week 5.


I brought leftover chicken pot pie, veggie stix, key lime yogurt, edamame hummus and baby carrots.

For snacks, I had a medifast bar, honey crisp apple, and a slice of homemade lemon almond bread.


I treated myself to Panda Express this day.  I had orange chicken with some white steamed rice.

For snacks, I brought a honey crisp apple, reduced fat mozzarella string cheese, and a slice of lemon almond bread.  Oh and 2 medifast bars that aren't pictured.

A friend, at work gave me a piece of dark chocolate with pumpkin seeds to try.  It was soooo good.


I brought leftover Panda Express for lunch this day.  For snacks I had a honey crisp apple, reduced fat mozzarella string cheese, and 2 medifast bars.


Some friends at work took me to Cheeburger Cheeburger.  I'd never been here so I was excited to go.  I got the classic burger well done with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato on a honey wheat bun.  I also got a small side of fries (which came with way too many in basket on right).  I was good and only ate some of them which I put next to the burger.

For snacks this day, I had my 2 medifast bars, honey crisp apple, reduced fat mozzarella string cheese, fruit roll-up, and 2 whole grain fig newtons.


Today, we had a Halloween pot luck at work.  There was various things to choose from.  I didn't take a picture.

For snacks I had a banana, 2 medifast bars, reduced fat mozzarella string cheese, peanut butter crackers and fruit roll-up.  I had a nature valley oats n' dark chocolate bar for breakfast on my way to work.  I didn't feel like cereal this morning.

Hopefully, next week's meals will be back to normal with no eating out.

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