June 21, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Today, is Father's Day.  I have 2 of the best dads in the world.  My dad and my husbands dad.  They are wonderful and I love them both.  :)

My dad is in the in blue shirt and my father-in-law is in the white shirt.

I got my dad a year subscription with a local town newspaper.  My mom and I went half each.  I also got my dad some peanuts that I will drop by this week.

Yesterday afternoon, after work I picked up some cupcakes.  I got a variety.  (red velvet, double chocolate, pb, oreo, pb/choc swirl and carrot cake) 

We went to my father-in-laws.  We took him some of his favorite baby swiss, trail bologna, horseradish sauce, and some tomatoes fresh from my garden.  Nate's mom got home from work and Nate's brother came with his wife.  We ended up getting KFC for dinner.  We each had a cupcake after dinner.  So yummy.  :)

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