September 11, 2015

Toddler Lunches wk 9/7

This week, I got my new tupperware containers and couldn't wait to use them for my toddler lunches.


I was off this day for the labor day holiday.  For lunch I had some leftover General Tso's Chinese Take out with some white rice.  No picture.  I ate it so fast that there just wasn't time.  haha


I packed a hard boiled egg, strawberries, grapes, garden toms, cucumbers, reduced fat mozz string cheese and a turkey stick.

Breakfast/snacks:  quest bar, monster mix, pretzel sticks, banana and rf peanut butter.


hard boiled egg, edamame hummus, grapes, strawberries, turkey stick, rf mozz string cheese, cucumbers and pretzel sticks.

Breakfast/snacks:  quest bar, monster mix, banana, rf pb, and an apple.


homemade chicken salad, hard boiled egg, strawberries, grapes and rf wheat thins.

Breakfast/snacks:  quest bar, cucumbers, rf mozz string cheese, banana, and rf pb.


hard boiled egg, grapes, strawberries, and a homemade brownie.

I also brought the tiny bit of leftover red chili I made for dinner one night with some mini saltine crackers.

Breakfast/snacks:  quest bar (not pictured), apple, banana, and rf pb.

I didn't eat out once and I didn't waste any foods.  Leftovers were consumed.....]eggs, fruits and veggies were all eaten.  I did good this week.  :)

And so what that I had a brownie.  Sometimes cravings give in and that's okay.  :)  At least it was made from scratch.  I know everything that was put into it and I made it myself.  :)

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