September 7, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #36

A quick garden update.  I still have some things in my garden.  Tomatoes, mint, mums, marigolds, blueberry bush, rose plant, peppers, beans, and eggplant.  

Here's the container garden.

I will probably start clearing some of these plants soon.  Some are done producing.

My kitchen window.....I have more celery growing.  The mint is doing well and rooting.  And my orchids are good.  One flower did fall off but it's okay.  It's that time of year where they get dormant.

Celery up close.

Here's some toms I harvested this past week.

More toms....sweet cherry

I did pick up a little sago palm on clearance at Lowes.  It was $3.  I couldn't leave him there.

I planted him in a new pot with some fresh cactus/citrus soil when I got home.

I have him in the window in my nook with my succulents.  :)

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