September 20, 2015

52 Week Money Challenge 2015

So, my BFF and I decided to do the 52 week money challenge.  My sister and friend, Allie is also doing this challenge with us.  Allie is doubling hers and making one for her son too.  
I guess most people start this challenge in January so that at the end of the year you have $1,378.  
But we like doing things differently and decided to start this challenge on 9/14.  :)

Here's the chart so you know how much you need to save each week.
(chart taken from google images)

My BFF got me these stickers for my rainman for easy tracking during the week.

I got this little organizer from the dollar tree.  It's the same one I keep my planner stickers in but it's smaller.  It's perfect for my money.

Week one is done.....just 51 weeks to go.  :)

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