September 20, 2015

Central Virginia Food Truck Rodeo 2015

My BFF and I went to the Food Truck Rodeo last weekend.  This was the 3rd one.  We had fun last time we went so we figured we'd go again.

It was beautiful out.  We got there 10 minutes before noon and the gates opened up right then.

We walked around to see what food trucks were there.  It didn't seem like there was as many food trucks as last time.

We continued walking around to see what food trucks we wanted to stop at.

We were happy to see Happy Epanada.  They had a huge set up which was great because it made things much easier for them.  I remember last time we went it took a long while before we got our food.

We continued walking....

We ere sad to see Goatacado wasn't even set up yet.  The guy said he thought they opened at 1pm (but the event is always at noon and they are there every year).  My BFF asked how long it would be before they were ready and he said 20 minutes.

We walked around some more.

We finally settled on Cary Town Burgers.  We each got a burger and shared a basket of fries.

I found a table.

I also got a cup of lemonade from a greek food truck.  It was good lemonade and I got to keep the cup.  haha  Anyways, here's my burger and fries.

We didn't feel like pigging out on a ton of stuff but we did want a treat.  So we found the sweet frog truck and got some froyo.

I got low fat chocolate and vanilla froyo with some crushed oreos.

We had a fun time.  We kinda wished that the prices were cheaper and that the food was smaller.  By the time you have one thing you're too full to try other stuff.  Just an opinion.

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