April 27, 2015

Central Virginia Food Truck Rodeo

My BFF went to the 1st Central Virginia Food Truck Rodeo last year.  She had a great time and I was jealous that I didn't go.  When I heard they were doing another one I was in.

The weather was supposed to be rainy but all the rain ended before 10am.  YAY!  We met up and went to Chesterfield Towne Center for the food trucks.

The gates opened at noon.  Free admission.  :)  We walked around scoping out what trucks there there.  

bonbon  (love the name b/c it's one of my many nicknames)

Kristen got a Quinoa bowl for us to share.  She got the mountain tropp.  It's warm quinoa, topped with fresh arugula, black beans, apple and corn pico de gallo, gouda cheese, sliced avocado and lime mango sauce.  OMG......sooooo good and fresh.  I'm actually kinda craving this right now.

We had to wait a while for our order.  We were the first ones.  We both got an empanada and we shared the fried plantains.

I got the traditional beef empanada.  K got the spinach, mushroom and feta.   Soooo good.

We then walked around some more.

Carnitas Carnitas

Walking around

K got 'just ask'.   
"A White Chocolate based ice cream, we line the tub with creamy peanut butter and mix in chunks of Oreos to create this one-of-a-kind treat".  I tried K's and it was heaven.  haha

I got chocolate decadence.  Apparently, the best seller since the business started over 30 years ago.  If you love chocolate and can't get enough, then you need this in your life.

We walked around some more again.

Caribbean Cuisine

More trucks

This was a ton of fun!  There is another one coming up in the fall and I want to go.  :)

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