April 14, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #15

Home Depot, is having their Spring Black Friday sale.  It's going on until 4/19.  There's a lot of stuff on sale at good prices.  Bonnie starter plants is one just one of the good deals going on.  I made a special trip one morning before work last week just so I could get some starter plants.

I like that some of these starter plants are locally grown.  *Green Thumb Up*

There were numerous peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, greens and herbs.

The starter plants are 5 for $10 or $2 each.  I got 11 starter plants.

Here's what my little garden looks like right now.  All last week was cold and rainy.  I need to repot big time but the weather, wasps or time has stopped me.  (We have a wasp infestation in our shed and in our backyard, so we are planning to take care of it this weekend).

Anyways, my peas are still growing nicely.  Here's my first pea flower of the season.

Green beans are doing good.


Cucumbers  :)  Another sprout.  :)

Here's one of the tomato started plants I got at the home depot.  Already has several blooms.

Here's my tomatoes, seed swap tomatoes and broccoli.  :)

Marigolds from home depot.  I got 2 containers of them.  For whatever reason my marigolds from seed haven't grown so I got these so I'd have some to use from companion planting.


Basil starters.  They are good for companion planting.

In my front flower bed near my mailbox I have phlox that comes up every year.  I love the purplish color.  They just popped up last week.  YAY!!

I cleaned up a few weeds in the front flower bed this past weekend.  I figured I'd try to stay on top of it so there's not so much to weed later.  We'll see how that goes.  Weeds grow pretty fast.  BLECH

I have tulips in my front flower bed that will probably pop by the end of this week.  :)

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