April 4, 2015

Newsies and Crumb & Get it

A co-worker has a son who was in a play for "Newsies" and she gave me some free tickets.  Her son was the lead, "Jack Kelly".  I invited my BFF and another friend.  We had dinner at Panera beforehand and then went to the play.

Here's my ticket.

The stage was cute.  Everyone did a great job.  We had fun.

Afterwards, we decided to go to Crumb & Get it.  I'd been wanting to go here and haven't made it in.  We got there 10 minutes before closing.

There was cupcakes in the window and some cookies.  You can also order cookies and they bake them fresh right on the spot.  I heard that they were behind in baking cookies and it was a 30 minute wait.  We just got stuff from the window.

As soon as a I saw the red velvet I knew my husband would like that one.  I got myself a chocolate birthday cupcake.

I tried one of my friends oatmeal raisin cookie and it was perfect.  I didn't eat my cupcake since it was after 9pm so I decided to save it for the following day.

Here's my cupcake.

Digging in with a fork....

The cupcake and buttercream was very good.  I am going to have to be good and stay away from this place b/c it can really get me in trouble.  It's that good.   I will be back!  :)

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