April 21, 2015

Gene Birthday 2015

Last weekend, was busy.  I had to work a remote for a new Verizon.
It was the grand opening so there was a lot going on.  There was a caricature artist, balloon artist, baseball team giving away tickets, and some Rita's Italian ice samples.  

I gave away chipotle gift cards and some concert tickets.  I also had some swag from Verizon to hand out.

After some radio peeps talking me into it, I got a drawing done.  I was hesitant because I know these drawings bring out the worst flaw you hate about yourself.  haha  But mine actually came out kinda cute.  :)

I had a balloon made for my niece.  It's a little monkey.  Not sure when I will see her again but hopefully it was still be inflated.  haha

After work Nate met me at the station so he could record a short story in the studio.  More on that later.  :)  Once we were done with that we went down to his parents to celebrate my father-in-laws birthday.

We waited for my mother-in-law to get home from work.  I walked around outside looking at her flowers and garden.

I also got to sit in my father-in-laws corvette.  I backed it out of the garage and I revved the engine.  :)

It's a nice car.

We went to dinner at the Hickory Notch Grill and then came home for cake.

I baked the birthday cake from scratch the night before.  It turned out cute and delicious.

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