April 24, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #17

It's time for a garden update and I'm excited!!  :)

Here's the inside garden with some of my plants.

The sunshine in the early morning makes these little plant babies happier than a worm in an apple.

I have my first pea pod of the season!!  :)  YAY

Here's my green bean plants.  Do you see what I see?

I have green beans!!!!

They are very tiny but they are there.

Here's my mint, lambs ear and black-eyed susan plants I got from my work food swap yesterday.  If you look closely you can see the little sprouts in the egg carton.

My broccoli.


Squash, which I need to re-pot.

Now outside.....

I did some rearranging this morning of my plants I have outside on my back deck.  I moved everything to the middle and did some cleaning.  My orange pepper plant, and two different eggplants needed some major TLC.  I got these from the Home Depot sale.  The pots ended up flooding early Monday morning from heavy downpours.  Everything else was fine and most of the extra rain water evaporated.  The 3 pots (pepper, eggplants) were still very water logged this morning when I checked on them.  I dumped the pots and took the plants out.  Here's the plants in the grass.

I've picked them up and put them in this plastic container for now until I get some soil to pot them.  I hope I can save them.  The plants themselves still look healthy.  *crosses fingers*

Here's the deck/patio garden as of this morning.  I have peppers, basil, marigolds, toms, lavender, and a rose bush.  I don't think I have enough plants.  What do you think?  haha  :)

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