April 21, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #16

Lots of things happened last weekend with my garden.

I got my first squash flower of the season.  This is a male flower.  I have no females open yet so I couldn't pollinate them.  :(  It sure did look pretty though.

I noticed green in my little egg carton garden.

Upon closer inspection. I saw that I have sprouts!  Cherry tomatoes, parsley and basil.


In my front flower bed the tulips popped.  And there's a bunch of them.  They are such a vibrant red.


My green beans at the end of the week.

Green beans over the weekend.  :)  PURPLE flowers!!!!  :)

I ran a bunch of errands on Sunday morning.  Wegmans, farm stand, and Target.  I stopped off at the city dock to breathe in some fresh air.  There was lots of people fishing and catching catfish while I was there.  I took a picture of a bridge too.  :)

I stopped at my parents for farm fresh eggs.  Which was perfect timing because I was out of eggs.
I took a picture of my mom's lilac bush.  It was a clipping from my Grandma's bush so it's awesome that it's growing so great at my parents.  :)  Memories of my Grandma.

So pretty...

I did some gardening.  Plants needed to be re-potted.  The starter plants I got at home depot had a bunch of gnats hanging around in them so I needed to get them outside with some fresh dirt and pots.

I put them against the house because we were due for some storms so I didn't want them out on the middle of the deck.  I figured the house would give them some protection.  On Monday, morning I noticed some plants did end up getting a lot of rain.  The 3 green pots closest to window got a lot of rain water.  I left them alone.  My BFF said maybe with the heat the water will evaporate.  I checked on them when I got home from work and she was right.  Most of the water evaporated from all the humidity which was nice.  Hopefully, all the plants will be okay.  :)

Here's what the inside looks like right now.  Not that much left inside.

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