April 27, 2015

New Things Monday

So, before I went to Super Target a few days ago for my weekly trip I scanned my cartwheel app to see if there was anything on it I wanted to get.  
I came across and added Oikos greek yogurt by Dannon.  

I've been trying to incorporate more protein foods into my diet since I'm exercising everyday so I got some to try.  I've never had this brand before.  I've had Chobani and Wegmans generic brand greek yogurts and like them.  I figured since I had the virtual coupon I'd give it a try and if I didn't like it then I know my husband might have.

I picked up the blueberry non fat greek yogurt.  
(Picture taken from google images)

I tried it and loved it.  It was creamy and very tasty.  MMMMM!  I will be stocking up on these next time I'm in the grocery store.  :)  I want to try the strawberry. 

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