April 24, 2015

Dollar Tree- Find of the week

I used to be a dollar tree snob and never ever wanted to step foot in one.  But I've grown up and learned over the years that the dollar tree has deals!  I'll admit, I even used to be a name brand snob too.  Generic store brand is just as good as name brand.  Generic is also always cheaper than name brand so why not try to save some cash.  There's a few things I still only buy name brand in.  For example:  All laundry detergent.  My Grandma Runyon used it and I use it because it reminds me of her when I would help her with laundry and it smells like her very organized linen closet she used to keep.  Ahhhh memories.  :*)

Okay, back to the dollar tree.  They sell some name brand items and everything is just $1.00.  You do have to pay attention though.  Even though something is $1.00 it doesn't necessarily mean that you're getting a good deal.  You just have to know how much the items are in the big stores and compare to know it's worth it.

For the last three years I've been going to the dollar tree and finding some awesome things. 

The other day, when I bought these containers and a new outside deck/porch broom, I ended up looking at the oven mittens.  I don't know about you but my oven mittens/pot holders have seen better days.  I cook and bake so much that they are used just about everyday.  I even still use the one I had in college and let me just say that's been several, several years.  hahahaha  Anyways, I grabbed some red potholders to go with my red and white checkered oven mitt and then I saw VEGETABLES!  I put the red ones back and started grabbing.  :)

Here they are. 

Up close:


Just love these!

I grabbed two of the mittens and two of the two packs of pot holders.  So, I have four pot holders and two oven mitts.  That's a good stash.  I put all my old ones in the laundry room to wash them.  :)  I might go back and get a few more in this veggie pattern so I have an extra stash on hand.

What awesome dollar tree finds have you gotten lately?

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