January 13, 2015

Dollar Tree Goodies

I went to the Dollar Tree today to see if they had any seed packets.  I got some seeds from the Dollar Tree last year around this time.  I saw the seeds as soon as I walked in and around to the aisle.  They were in the same place as they were last year.  I probably had a huge smile on my face as I walked right over.  I began picking out the seeds I wanted.  A lady walked past and said her husband got his seeds yesterday and planted his seedlings last night.  I told her I had good success with my seeds last year and she said she was happy to hear that and she hopes we both do this year.  :)

Here's the seed packs.  They are 4 for $1 or .25 cents each.

I got a bunch of different seeds.

Here's a picture of them in the bag after I bought them.

There was also cute little succulents.  I picked one out and decided I would put it in my kitchen window at home.  I might go back and get a few more.  They look very real.

Here's the one I got.

It's happily sitting in the kitchen window sill.  And you don't need to water it, just love it.  :)

Here's all the gardening stuff I bought today.  I got 4 seed starter greenhouses, 2 bags of soil, a notebook and a mix of seed packets.  I looked for gloves but they didn't have any of those out.  There were some terracotta pots but that's really all the other gardening stuff they have at this time.  I'll go back in a few weeks so see what other gardening things they have.

Here's the seed starter greenhouse.  Each one holds 12 seedlings.  There was a bigger one but it didn't come with a drainage tray or a dome so I got this one.  I got 4 of them so hopefully I can get a good start on my little babies.  I'm hoping to plant this weekend.

I got 2 little bags of starter mix.

Here's the seed packets I got.  Broccoli, 2 different types of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, green beans, marigolds, sunflowers, zucchini, 2 different types of yellow squash, 3 different types of peas, and carrots.  :)

I also got a notebook.  I wrote down what seed packets I bought today on the first page.

I need to go through my seed bank and see if I have any leftovers I can use this year.  :)  I know I also saved some seeds from the harvested goodies that I can replant this year.  I'll start my baby seedlings inside again this year.  My greenhouse isn't up yet and probably won't get built until Spring so I won't be able to use it till late Spring/Early Summer.  I can't wait to get that going.  :)

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