January 17, 2015

French Toast

I had some leftover French Bread from dinner last night so I decided to use it up this morning and make some French Toast before I headed out to run errands.

I got out everything I needed and also grabbed some farm fresh eggs from the fridge.  My friend, Melissa gave me these farm fresh eggs from her chickens when we got together recently.  
I love these eggs.  They are so good and have such a brilliant yellow yolk.

I whisked up the eggs with a splash of unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, little bit of white sugar, and my homemade vanilla extract.  I dipped each slice of bread in the egg mixtures and cooked them up.  I also took the leftover egg mixture and made scrambled french eggs.  I didn't want to waste it.  :)  They turned out delicious as well.  I put some bacon bits in the eggs.  I served the french toast with some sugar free syrup and a little bit of powdered sugar on top.


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