January 13, 2015

Birthday Party for Nephew

On January 4th, my sister and niece came up so we could go to our nephews birthday party.  My nephew turned 10.  As soon as E came in she took her shoes and socks off and went running around.  We told her we were going bye bye so she got her shoes and socks and had to put them on herself.  :)

We got to the Fredericksburg Zoo Field House and found our nephew playing soccer with his friends.  Here's my niece watching them play and making pig noses on the glass.  haha

A was there at the party looking fabulous!  :)

Finally, it was time to go to the party room.  We had pizza to eat and sodas to drink.  We also had birthday cake.  Finally it was present time.  The girls helped open and pass out gifts.

As we were leaving, E saw a carousel and wanted to ride.  We put $1 in and it took it and did nothing.  We complained and a worker said "oh check to see if it's plugged in".  It wasn't plugged in.  We tried getting our $1 back and it wouldn't give it to us.  RIP OFF!!!  We put another $1 in and it started up.  E was a little scared at first but then she was okay.  :)

We left the party and my sister wanted to go to Wegmans so we did.  My niece fell asleep on the way.  We didn't want to wake her so we let her sleep and we waited and chatted in the car.

Finally, she woke up and then was excited to go shopping.  
We walked past the bakery and saw macarons.  My sister picked up a package and said we could try some later.

Once we got home I made some manwich sliders and sweet potato fries.  My sister and niece stayed for dinner.  I'd never made sweet potato fries before.  I'm not really a sweet potato person.  But these fries were DELICIOUS!!   They weren't as crispy as I would have liked but next time I will blanch them first before baking them so they crisp up.

Here's my niece eating and watching her Curious George cartoon.

My sister also surprised me with a little silhouette canvas of my niece that she made.  I love it!!!

Oh and we tried the macarons.  Very yummy.  Nate had the lemon one.  I had the chocolate and tried the pistachio.  They are pricey ($6) but a good treat to splurge on if you love macarons.

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