January 26, 2015

Babysitting my neice

My sister, went out of state a few weekends ago.  My brother-in-law had to work and they needed a sitter to watch little E.  I said yes.  

This day was especially hard for me because it was the anniversary of my D&E of my last angel baby loss.  It's hard and I still think about my angel babies all the time.  Having a loss isn't something you ever get over or forget.

Moving on.....

When I got to the house, E was just playing with toys.  She then was hungry so daddy gave her a snack and she watched some Curious George on Netflix.  Daddy then left for work.  

We watched some more Curious George and then E wanted me to read some books to her.  I also gave her a little book that I got in a McDonald's Happy Meal (yes, I got a happy meal...LOL).  The book was for much older kids but there was stickers.  E wanted the stickers on her arms and legs.  LOL  She must get her sticker obsession from her Aunt Bonnie.  I was obsessed with stickers when I was little.  Stickers rock!!  

Here we are reading a hello kitty book.  I liked these pages because hello kitty was gardening.

E was getting sleepy so it was time for a nap.  She didn't fight it.  I heard her talking to her stickers.  LOL  She finally passed out and slept for 2 hours.  :)  While she napped, I worked on my Garden Book (more on that later) and flipped the TV channels.

E finally woke up and she was so talkative.  :)  We watched some Roseanne and then E wanted to color.

I then got down on the floor with her to color with her.  She would give me the crayon she wanted me to color with.

I said "Lay like me" and she did.  So smart. :)

E wanted some snacks so we went to the kitchen and I let her pick out what she wanted.

My BFF, Kristen came over.  We were chatting while E was finishing up her food and we looked over and she was smiling with her hands covering her ears.  We all laughed.  I guess we were being loud.  haha  Or maybe she was just being silly.

K and I wanted to get dinner.  We decided to go to Zoe's Kitchen.  My brother-in-law put E's car seat in my car before he left in case we wanted to go out.

We got to Zoe's and ate dinner.  E watched Curious George on K's phone.  She propped it up on the fruit bowl.  haha  SMARTY!!

We got back to the house and E watched some more on the phone and went through K's wallet.

Such a good little girl and I love every moment that I get to hang out with her.  :)

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