January 26, 2015

Veggie Prep

I love bell peppers.  Remember my farmers market bell pepper deal I got over the summer?  Well, I only have one pack of frozen peppers left to use.  The last pack is in in long strips to use in peppered steak or peppered chicken.  I'll probably use the last pack later this week or next week.

I picked up a pack of peppers at Wegmans.  A pack of 6 peppers is $5.49.  It's not as cheap as the farmers market but it's winter and this is my only choice.  The 6 pack is much cheaper than buying individually.  To make things easier for the week and when I know I'm going to be using peppers I like to prep them in advance.  

I got 3 containers, washed the peppers, paired them and set everything up to begin chopping them.

I seeded all of them and then they were ready to cut up.

Pretty colors

All chopped up.  I put lids on the containers and have them in the fridge ready to use.  They should keep up to 7 days.

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