January 17, 2015

Planting Seeds for 2015

The other day, I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up some seed packets.  Today, after I was done running errands, cleaning the house, and prepping meals for the week, I decided to do some planting.

I love the smell of fresh dirt.  Not sure why though.  I enjoyed playing in dirt when I was a kid.  Am I weird?  Or maybe every gardener loves dirt?  :)

I started with the little greenhouses I got from the dollar tree.  I put dirt in each one.  Then I had to decide what seeds I wanted where.  Decisions, decisions.....I know most people think long and hard about planting.  I like to just dive right in and see what takes and what doesn't.

I picked out the seeds I wanted in the little greenhouse containers.

Curious to what seeds from certain veggies look like?  Well I'm going to show you.  :)

Greenbeans-  How adorable are the seeds?  I've never grown beans so I'm crossing my fingers.

Sugar Snap Peas-  They look like little dried up peas.

Alaska Peas- I grew these last year with huge success.

Broccoli-  Little black seeds.
The 4 green veggies above is all I planted in the little greenhouse containers.  I might go back and get some more of these containers if they do help my seeds sprout.  I like these containers so far.

See the seeds?  I covered them with more dirt.  Gave everyone a drink of water and then put the lid on them and set them in the window.

In some plastic cups I had, I poked some holes in the bottom for drainage and then added dirt and seeds.







Cherry Toms

Here's my sunny window with the seedlings.

With daily water, love and sunshine, I should see sprouts in about a week.  So, maybe by next weekend we will see something?  Now we just have to wait.

I have more seeds I want to plant but at least I've got some started.  I also want to get my seed bank and garden book organized.  More on that later.  :)

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