January 26, 2015

Cleaning, Stocking and Organizing the Pantry

My goal, this past weekend was to clean, stock and reorganize the pantry.  It needed help, badly.  
Just look how messy, sad and empty it looks in the picture below.


I threw out the expired foods and put it in the trash and headed to Wegmans.

I figured since I was going for our weekly groceries that I would get some extra items so I could get the pantry stocked.  It was long over due.  

When I got home I was excited to put stuff away.  I had cleaned out the white tub on the 5th shelf before I left.  I store my Medifast bars in there and also Nature Valley bars.  (I like the Oats n' honey, dark chocolate and the Peanut butter bars).  I have a ton of them now.  They were on sale at Wegmans.  YAY!  :)  When stuff is on sale, it's a good time to stock up.
The two clear containers next to the white tub, I cleaned out earlier too.  The bottom one had expired Visalus stuff so I had thrown it out.  Now there's just lemonade mix, tea and hot chocolate mix.  
The container above has snacks.  Fiber one bars, Special K bars, Jif to go (best thing ever), Nature Valley oatmeal squares and some Wegmans cereal bars,

Here's my snack box.  :)

The next day, I went to Super Target.  I picked up some things I know I can get cheaper there.   For more savings, I also used my Target Mobile Coupons, Target Cartwheel, Regular Coupons and I got 5 cents each back on using my own bags.  (I used 6 bags which took off .30 cents)

Once I got home, I put everything away.  Now look at the pantry.  It's stocked!!


Here's a closer look at the top 3 shelves.  Yes, all labels need to face the front.  I'm OCD.  Even the milk in the fridge needs to face the front.  My husband makes fun of me.  It looks neater when the labels show.  (I know it's an OCD thing from the controlling husband in "Sleeping with the enemy").

I'm happy with how it looks right now.  Hopefully, the husband can keep it nice and not mess it up.  :)

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