April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

For Easter, we gathered with our friends for a big meal.  We even met a new nice couple and their 2 well mannered boys.  I made homemade mac n cheese to share with everyone.  We hid eggs for the kids to find and we watched the kids play on the swing/play set.

Here's my Nate with my niece, E.  They are my favorites.  And E loves her Uncle Nathan.

Here's E in the playset.  All smiles.  :)

And giggles.

Here's E with her daddy and cute friend A.

Her smile just melts my heart.  I love this picture and how the sun is shining down on her.  
Just beautiful and precious.

Here's E and her daddy going down slide.

After dinner the kids decided to watch "The Little Mermaid".  My niece has a bowl of my mac n cheese.  She loved it!  :)

My BFF made delicious banana pudding.  It's "Not Yo Mama's Banana Pudding".  It is so yummy.

After the kids got bored with the movie E and A played with play doh.  Here's E poking the play doh.

Then we pulled out the jelly beans.  Bean boozled.

Play at your own risk.  hahahahaha

These are so gross when you get a nasty flavor.  I played a few rounds.  I got berry blast, tutti-fruitti, carmel corn, lawn clippings (which wasn't bad), and I got canned dog food.  OMG it was soooo nasty.  I also had moldy cheese and that was gross too.  My husband got skunk and he gagged.  It's funny watching people get the nasty jelly beans.  hahaha

We had a fun Easter.  :)  I hope you had a great one too.

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