April 4, 2015

Benny's Vitali's Pizza

The other day, Nate asked if we could get Benny Vitali's for dinner Friday night.  We had both heard from a lot of people how awesome this place was.  They make really huge pizzas.  I said "let's get it since I didn't have anything else planned".  Nate ordered it on Thursday afternoon because it's reccomended you order in advance.

Here's me with the box.  It's huge!

It covered the whole counter.

And a slice didn't even fit on a plate.

This pizza is perfect for a huge crowd.  haha  Of course, we had a bunch of slices leftover but that's okay b/c those won't go to waste.  We loved the pizza.  If you like the NY Slice then you will love this.  It was a little pricey ($35 for the pie) so this isn't something we will do a lot.  Maybe just for a special occasion or if we have a bunch of friends over.

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