April 4, 2015

Stickers for my Rainman

I love my rainman.  My rainman is what my BFF and I call it.  It's just a planner.  I get a new one every year.  I like a simple one with a big monthly spread.  I would be so lost with out this thing.  I put everything in my planner.  It helps me keep track.  There's a pocket in the back where I can keep stamps, and bills that need to be mailed.  Throughout the year I keep momentos in it too.  Like- movie stubs, ticket stubs from events, stickers and just anything I want to put in it inside the covers.

Here's the month of December.

I went through my scrapbook stickers and decided to dress my rainman up a little.  Here's December.

Here's October stuck with stickers.

My BFF had gotten some planner stickers off Etsy and I found some I had to have too.  I purchased from CartaPrintea.  She's in Poland.  Her planner stickers are awesome!!!  I'm obsessed with them.  I was so excited when they came in the mail.  I even got some freebies.  :)

How cute are they?

I filled out some things in my rainman and added stickers throughout.

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