April 4, 2015

Braehead Farm- Easter Fun 2015

Last weekend, my sister and niece came up so she could see the Easter Bunny at Braehead Farm.  This farm is adorable.  I've been here before.

When A & E first got to my house E was shy.  She laid on the floor for a few minutes but warmed up pretty quickly.

I gave her a bunch of smiley stickers and she shared them with Nate.  How cute?

We left for the farm.  My sister made a quick stop at a store and I waited with E in the car.

This is love.  :)

She wanted my apple.  I figured we would share but she wanted the whole thing.

She bit into it her self.  Tiny bites.  haha  I asked her if she ever did it and she said "no" and I asked if she liked biting the apple and she said "yeah".  She's so precious.  :)

We got to the farm.  E was free b/c she's under 2 and my sister and I were $5 each.  I didn't have any cash so my sister covered my entry fee.  I'm sure the farm makes a ton of $ on the weekends because they charge the adults admission.  LOL

We got a Easter Bunny/ Egg hunt number and then walked around trying to figure out how everything worked.  We saw a sign to the egg patch so we headed that way to see when our number would be called.

After we found out we had time before the egg hunt so we let E play.

E did not like the free range chickens.  One came up behind her and she took off running and yelled "No chicken".  haha

The chickens had a home base that was in a huge wagon.

It's hard to see but there was eggs in some of these nesting homes.

Fence with a ceramic bull.  I thought it looked cool.

Finally it was E's turn to do the egg hunt.  Each child was allowed to find 12 eggs.

E got her 12 eggs and then she was allowed to go see the Easter Bunny.

We didn't know how she would be with the Easter Bunny but she did really good.  At first she was hesitant and then my sister and I told her to show the Easter bunny her eggs.  She did and then my sister told her to give the Easter bunny a high five.  After that she got up in his/her lap.  She then of course didn't want to leave the Easter bunny.  haha

We then took some pictures.  Here's us together.

E on a hay bale.

There was some pigs that E did not care to look at.  "No pigs" she called out in her little voice.  She did look at the bunnies.

Here's some more bunnies.

Here's E with some sidewalk chalk.

She played in a corn kernal sand box.  This was cool b/c you didn't get dirty.

Cow Crossing sign.  No cows to be found tho.  Not sure where they were.

When you left through the market they had a bin where you could recycle eggs.

There was also some cute flowers and herbs that we stopped and looked at out front.  Here's E looking at the flowers.

We had a lot of fun.  I'm glad we went b/c I got to spend the day with some of my favorites.  :)

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