September 5, 2014

Lunch date with friend and a farm visit

I met my friend, Melissa for a late birthday lunch today at Outback.  Melissa got a salad with salmon and I got a 6 oz steak, with a baked potato and house salad.  So yummy!!!  We were able to catch up a bit and had a nice delicious lunch.

Melissa also gave me some birthday presents.  A dozen farm fresh eggs from her chickens, an Amish buggy sign and a clipboard with a cute sheep on it.  :)

I'm just about out of eggs so the timing was perfect.  Plus, farm fresh eggs are so much better.

I can't wait to cook/bake up some things with these.

My friend, had to go pick up her son from school and then I went home.  I decided to stop off at Braehead Farms.  I've been wanting to go here so I had nothing else to do and decided to go.

I pulled in the drive and then parked my car.  I noticed a sign on a fence at opposite side from where I parked that said "Caution:  Honey bees at work".  I didn't get a picture but I wished I had.  I also saw bee boxes and they were flying around like crazy.  I just let them BEE.  :)

I decided to walk up to the store and check it out.

Cute little sign out front.

There is a pick your own area and there's lots of fields of produce and flowers to pick from.  I noticed they had a bunch of pumpkins coming in.

They had some mums out front.

So tempting!

I went into the store.  It was adorable!  They make their own honey probably from those bees in the caution area.  I still have honey at home so I don't need any right now but I know where to get some local honey in the future.  The best part....I saw the bees at work making the beautiful honey.  :)

I walked around and checked out everything the farm store had to offer.  Lots of jams, preserves, jellies, etc.

There was also a lot of different ciders.

Some homemade fudge and chocolate's from Mary's Cakery and Candy Kitchen.  I've had chocolate from there before and it's delicious.  It's nice that they are able to sell their chocolates at the farm.  This chocolate being in tractor form.....yes please.  Too cute to pass up.  :)

I saw some farm fresh produce.  I plan on going to my favorite farmers market tomorrow so I only got 1 yellow squash and 1 cucumber from the bin.

There was some homemade muffins, cookies, and pies.

They looked so good.

This farm was awesome.  I loved it and will def be back.  :)

I spent $8 and some change.  Here's what I got.

Tractor chocolate
jar of pecan apple butter

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