September 7, 2014

Garden Update: Week 29

It's garden update time....week 29.

Here's what my garden looks like right now.

I decided to go ahead and do some cleaning up earlier in the week and I harvested all the peppers.

Here's my harvest.  Peppers, and tomatoes.

Cute little peppers.  These peppers have already been chopped up and added to dished I cooked.

The purple on is my favorite.

I gave the chili peppers to my friend, Melissa and I have the 3 tomatoes in the kitchen window sill to hopefully ripen.

A tiny bee on basil flowers.

I have 2 eggplants.  This guy is really tiny....think thumb size.

This is the other eggplant.  It's bigger and will probably be ready in a week or so.

I cleaned up a bunch of dead plants while doing my fall clean up the other day.

I noticed my sunflowers that I thought were dead and tiny little sunflowers that had grown in.

So cute, so I left them.  :)

They look so much different than the others that grew in this pot.  

My gardening gloves in the grass.  (yes the grass needs a cut but that's the hubby's chore)

Here's some pots after I took the dead plants out.  I dumped the soil out.  I still need to wash out the pots real good and go through the ones that are broken etc.  That I will do when it's cooler out.  Seems Virginia is having a Indian Summer right now.

This morning, I watered everything.  As I was turning off the hose I looked at my container garden.  It's much smaller than what it used to be.  I've harvested so much over these last 29 weeks.

I found this cute flower (weed?) while going back onto the deck.  I'm not sure what it is but it's pretty and it's PURPLE!  :)

That's about it for week 29.

Oh I did draw a diagram for the start of my greenhouse area.

The circle with the heart is where my heart is buried.  (my kitty son)  The black squared off area is currently where there is grass and where my oops garden was.  The oops garden is done.  I've gotten rid of the tomato plants and the spaghetti squash that was growing there.  The area is marked around with wood.  I would like to leave the wood as long as there's no termite damage happening.  I want to clean out the area, tiller it (I hear you can rent a tiller) and put fresh clean soil down.  I want to plant stuff in here eventually.  I'm thinking maybe some corn stalks and a row sunflowers???  Still deciding.  In front right corner, I want that to be where we build my greenhouse with a cement floor.  If I don't put it in front then I will put it on the other side of wood back further into the squared off area.  Not sure what would be best.  We'll see.  I just wished I could wiggle my nose and have it done already.  :)

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