September 8, 2014

New Things Monday

For New Things Monday, I discovered Jif Whips!  I had a Target Cartwheel coupon for 20% off the limited edition Pumpkin Pie Spice Whips or Maple Brown Sugar Whips.  As soon as I saw the pumpkin pie spice whip I knew I wanted to try it.  PUMPKIN is ALL THE THINGS!!  :)

Doesn't look very appealing but who cares.

Sometimes a spoonful of peanut butter makes everything better.  I got a spoon and dug in to taste.  It's not bad.  There isn't really that much pumpkin to me.

My BFF got the maple brown sugar whips (b/c her store was out of the pumpkin pie spice) and she hates it.  She said it is not good at all.

I also got the PB and Chocolate Whips.  And..............drum roll please.......Let me just ask where has this been all my life?  Oh that's right...on the shelf all along just waiting for me to grab it.  haha  
Now, I was warned to stay away from the chocolate one and for good reason.  This stuff is addicting.  My husband, is even obsessed with it.  It's like frosting.  So yummy.

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