September 29, 2014

Back to School- Piano Recital

On Saturday, I helped my sister and her husband with a back to school piano recital.  My brother-in-law teaches piano and has several students.  He wanted to put on a recital for his students so they could show their family and friends what they have learned.  

My sister requested 4 dozen of my homemade chocolate chip cookies.  I also brought a few party display items.  My rectangular bowl and my 3 tiered plate stand.  I figured she could use them for displaying some foods.

I met at my BFF's house and then we drove together to my sisters.  We helped get my niece ready and watched her while my sister gathered everything she needed to bring.  

Here's Ellie sitting down with a book being adorable.  She was a little shy at first but she warmed up real quick.

She wanted to go outside and liked looking out the front door.

We got to the church and began setting up.

We checked out the sanctuary right away.  It was a beautiful church.  Here's little Ellie running up and down the aisle in the church.  :)

Here's a cute sign that says:  Piano Recital

Ellie had fun running all around while we set things up.

Here's the food table.  Lots of goodies!!  Fruits, veggies, tortilla roll-ups, crackers, cheese, candy and cookies.  Everything was yummy and we had just the right amount for the crowd.

Here's the drink table.

The recital had 18 students.  Each one played a piece on the grand piano in the church sanctuary.  Everyone did a wonderful good job.  It's so amazing to see children with such great talent show it off.  I think everyone did very well.  I had to sneak out towards the end to go make the punch.

It's an easy punch.....Ginger Ale, Sherbert, and orange slices.  I overheard one kid say "This is the best punch ever".  And is!!  It's easy and so yummy.

Here's some Hershey kisses with music note paper on bottom to stick with theme.

I made 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies.

Every single cookie was eaten.  Some people went back for seconds and one I know went for a third.

My niece, even had her first Bonnie cookie.  :)

And she LOVED it!  :)  How cute is she?  I love her so much.  :)

Each child received a origami gold star, a certificate and a favor bag with two music note 'Nana cookies'.  A Nana cookie is a Brown Family recipe.  It's sort of like a shortbread cookie.  Very good.

Thanks for coming sign.

While we cleaned up, Grandma Fayth (my brother-in-laws mom) took Ellie out to the Church playground so she'd be out of the way.

We went back to my sisters, put Ellie down for a nap and helped bring everything inside from the car.  Then my sister, BFF and I all went to Zoe's Kitchen for late lunch/early dinner.

When we got back from eating we sat around and chatted.  My niece finally woke up and all she wanted was her daddy.  She held on for dear life.  She loves her daddy very much.

I see you peeking at me Ellie.  :)

Ellie went over and started hitting piano keys.  She was told no and she went to her hiding place.

Under the piano.  LOL  How precious?

Then it was time to for Ellie to eat some dinner.  She had her own little smorgasbord.  She is wondering why I always take pictures of her eating.  LOL

It was a fun day!  The recital was great.  There will be another one in December for the kids to play a holiday themed piece.

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