September 2, 2014

Weekend in New York

Nate and I drove up to upstate New York for the weekend to a friends wedding.  The couple had been dating for 18 years.  It was about time the got married.  :)  It took us about 8 hours.  We only stopped a few times for a quick bathroom break, stretch the legs or coffee for Nate.  The drive was good.  No traffic and we only hit one toll.  $1.15!  So cheap....we were expecting to hit a lot of tolls.  haha

Here's the toll ticket.  We got on at 35A and got off at 33.  :)

We checked into the LaQuinta Inn first thing as we arrived into town.  We wanted to drop off our belongings, change and freshen up a tad.  Then we drove about 40 minutes to the brides moms lake house.

Right on a little lake cove.  It's adorable and so relaxing.

There was a BBQ for the bridal party.  We were invited since Nate was the photographer.  There was BBQ, Mac n cheese, baked beans, buns, cole slaw, watermelon, rice krispie treats and brownies.  Yummy!

Here's a picture of Nate and I standing by the dock down on the shore in the backyard.

Pretty pink flower.

More flowers.....Laura's mom has a wonderful green thumb.

Some of the fresh flowers were put in a empty honey jar on the tables on the deck for decoration.

The BBQ was fun.  It was nice to see old friends and just to hang out for a bit.  When we got back to the hotel we saw Patti and Ed and sat with them in the lobby for a bit to chat.

The next day, we hung at the hotel until we were needed.  Nate had to be at the venue at 3 and I didn't have to be there until 5.  I stayed at the hotel and figured I'd ride the hotel bus to the venue with everyone else at the hotel.  Here I am all ready for the wedding.

It had rained all day and by the time it was wedding time it had cleared but the ground was wet.  The ceremony was moved inside the barn.  The venue was Wolf Oak Acres!  This place was adorable.

When you walked in, there was a sign with the names of the bride and groom.

Here's the front of the room.

Pretty flowers

After the quick ceremony the bride and groom had a bunch of pictures taken by Nate.  Nate has over 800 plus pictures to go through and clean up.  He did let me use two.  :)

Here's the bride and groom
(Nate's pic)

Wedding party

(Nate's pic)

I had the back up camera and just took some random pictures. Here's the flowers on the tables for the reception.  Wild flowers and hops.  :)

Each place setting had a cute honey jar, little sign with a bee and some lavender sprigs.

Here's some of Nate's old co-workers.  

Kim (old coworker), Eric and Charlie
Nate actually photographed their wedding many years ago in New York as well.  :)  Their daughter is so well behaved and too cute.

Amy and Ander chatting.  They came from California.  They are so cute together.

The wedding was perfect and the food was just amazing.  There was a pasta bar where they cooked each order.  You chose what you wanted mixed with the noodles and cheese.  There was little sammiches and salad too.  Oh the wedding cake.....was probably the best I'd ever had.  It was so good and the icing was fantastic.

We left Monday morning after we'd gotten up and had breakfast.  We drove home only stopping for restroom breaks and stretching our legs.

We did stop off for lunch though.  We went to the Dutch Kitchen in Frackville, PA.  It was recommended from Patti and Ed.  They stopped here on their way up and they were planning on stopping on the way home too.  I'm glad we stopped.  It was a cute little diner with good food.

How cute is the inside?  We sat in a booth that had a little jukebox on the table.

Nate is looking at the menu and trying to decide what he wants to get even though I know he's gonna get the Reuben as soon as he sees it on the menu.  LOL

I decided to get the deluxe burger.  Nate got the Reuben.  I was right.  haha

The deluxe burger was huge.  It was delicious.  :)  Nate loved the Reuben too.

I got a slice of shoo fly pie to go.  It was yummy.

There were huge sunflowers all outside in the parking lot too.  Of course, I had to get picture of a few.

We got home around 6pm.  After 1,000 miles total put on the car, we were exhausted.  We didn't really run into any traffic.  There was some construction areas that tied up some cars here and there but nothing major.  Thank goodness!!  We just wanted to get home.  Nate put on facebook once we got home "1000 miles and 835 awesome pictures. I felt like Sheldon Cooper getting home to my spot on the couch."  haha

After a fun and busy sure is nice to be home.  I'm on a stay-cation for the rest of the week.  Nate goes back to work tomorrow.  I have some lunch dates planned with friends and just working in the yard trying to get some stuff cleaned up for fall.

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