September 2, 2014

Vanilla Extract in the Making

A few weeks ago I ordered some Vanilla Beans from Penzeys Spices.  My plan to use them was in a batch of Homemade Vanilla Extract.

I've made my own vanilla extract for the past 2 years.

I needed 16 beans so I ordered one batch from Penzeys.  Since I only needed 1 more bean I went to World Market.  They sell 2 Madagascar beans for $3 and if you have a coupon (like I did) it's even cheaper.

When I placed my order I found a coupon code to redeem for a free item.  I picked Rosemary.  I also got free shipping on my order.  YAY!!  :)

When my package arrived, I also got another freebie.  Tsardust Memories.  I wasn't sure what to use this for but I did some research and it's good on pork or chicken.  I can't wait to try it.

I picked up the Vodka (1.75 L) and spliced up my vanilla beans.  I dropped 8 spliced vanilla beans in each vodka bottle.  I shook it up a bit and I have them stored in a dark cool place.

I'll shake them up a few times each week.  In 3 months (from August 28th) the vanilla extract will be ready to be strained and bottled.

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