September 29, 2014

Jesse Pinkman Green Beans

Tonight as a side I made my farm fresh green beans that I picked up from the farm stand yesterday.

I call these 'Jesse Pinkman Green Beans'.  If you're a hard core Breaking Bad fan then you will understand why I named them the way I did.  :)

Breaking bad- Jesse Pinkman green beans! In season 5, Jesse eats dinner with Walter White and his wife, Skylar. Jesse thinks that Skylar made the beans like his mom because of the sliced almonds. She says they are from the deli at Albertson's. I made then tonight and they are awesome. 

green beans (end cut off, cut in half and washed)
olive oil
Italian dressing
minced garlic
onion (chopped)
red pepper flakes
sliced almonds
bacon bits (optional)

I heated my skillet with a tiny bit of olive oil, minced garlic and then added chopped onion.  I added some Italian dressing, bacon bits, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and bacon bits.  After that I added the green beans and almonds and cooked up for a few minutes.  I served with shake n' bake chicken and some leftover Chinese white rice.  It was so good.  The almonds give it an extra crunch.

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