September 29, 2014

Produce Stand 9/28

Yesterday, I went to the farm stand in Stafford to get some produce for the week.  When I pulled into the parking lot I was super excited to see PUMPKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was orange pumpkins, blue pumpkins, white pumpkins, and green pumpkins.  Some were gigantic, some were warty and some were tiny.  I walked around and took some pictures.

There was a couple there buying a TON of pumpkins.  I overheard the woman say she was having a party and that's why she was buying so many.  I kinda wished I knew when and where this party was.

There were tons of colorful gourds.

Tiny little pumpkins.  I saw the sign "3 for $2" and began picking 3 out.

Why are pumpkins so gosh darn cute?  Am I the only that feels this way?  They make me smile.

How do I choose just 3?  LOL  :)

I grabbed 3 pumpkins and then began walking around to grab what else I had on my list and took some more pictures of some of the produce.



Lots of Mums.  So pretty.

I got everything on my list and spent $21.25.  :)

I got:

3 baby pumpkins
green beans
3 potatoes
2 honey crisp apples
3 bell peppers
3 cucumbers
4 large zucchini
4 small zucchini

Here's another picture of my bounty.

I put the 3 pumpkins in my kitchen window with my little carnival squash that I grew in my garden.

I still need to go to the pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin or two for the front porch.  I'll probably do that one day before work this week.  :)

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