September 14, 2014

Produce Stand 9/11

On Thursday, morning I was running a few errands before work.  I needed some peppers for dinner that night for my homemade general tsos chicken.  I also wanted to get a onion, tomato and some zucchini so then I wouldn't have to stop at a farm market over the weekend.  I stopped off at the park near work to see if any of the farm vendors there had what I needed.

The main farmer that I like didn't have any zukes.  The other farmer at the park that had zukes only took cash so I couldn't get them.  Oh well.

I got:

4 potatoes
3 green peppers

I spent $6.30 on everything.

(I'd already chopped up and used the peppers before I took this picture of my haul).

I got 5 squash from a friend at work.  YAY!!  Free squash!!  :)

I didn't make it to a market over the weekend.  :(  So, when I was at the grocery store yesterday I went ahead and got some onions and some zukes so I wouldn't have to stop anywhere else.

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