September 29, 2014

State Fair Cookie Competion

I baked up a batch of my homemade chocolate chip cookies so I could enter them into the State Fair of Virginia.  I placed 3rd at my local town fair but I wanted to compete at State.

Here's the cookies cooling.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

I picked the best 6 cookies in the batch.  I put them on a plate in a ziploc bag and dropped them off the next morning at the fair.

I had a friend check for me over the weekend and she didn't see my cookies.  :(  It was a little disappointing finding out that I didn't place or win a ribbon. 

 But..........When I got home from running errands my husband told me that I had something delivered and he handed me a frame with an award.  How sweet right?

This is a much better award than what I would have gotten at the fair.  :)

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