September 6, 2014

Farmers Market- 9/6

On my agenda today was to hit up my favorite farmers market and to get some groceries at Wegmans.  The market was busy.  Lots of families getting farm fresh produce.  I had some cash but I only planned to spend $20 or less.  The rest of the cash I used at the grocery store.

Wondering what's in season right now in Virginia?  Check the calendar.

Lots of beautiful, bright colors on all the veggies and fruits.

A ton of squash.

So many varieties.

Pumpkins!!  You know it's fall when you see pumpkins.  Pumpkins make me smile.  :)

Lots of farmers had flowers.  I saw some mums but decided against them since I only wanted to get produce.  These sunflowers were beautiful.

These flowers were very cute as well.

Lots of apples and peaches and plums.  :)  My favorite apple is honey crisp or AKA, "crack apples".

Lots of beautiful and colorful peppers.

Carnival squash and some other gourds I don't know the names of.

Chili peppers?

More pumpkins....

Here's my farmers market tote full of goodies.

Here's everything I got for under $20.  ($19.30 to be exact)

1 large spaghetti squash
3 zucchini
1 squash
1 butternut squash
3 huge green peppers
4 potatoes
1 tomato
2 honey crisp apples
2 Italian plums
1 head of cauliflower

Once I got home I decided to go ahead and prep all my veggies for the week.  Everything is nice and neatly put in containers.  Prepping the veggies makes everything so much easier during the week.

Some of this I will cook up tomorrow when I bake my protein for the week so all we have to do is heat it up and eat it.  :)

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