September 3, 2014

IKEA Catalog 2014-2015

I got home today and checked my mail to find my new IKEA catalog waiting for me in the mailbox.  YAY!!!

I already looked through it this evening.

Here's some items I like.

I like the secretary desk in the middle.  I wished the whole thing was white.  I like the bathroom sink too.  And the bedding.

This fabric is cute!  It's flowers and looks like it matches the bedding above.

I love this kitchen cart.  I had one at my town house and the new owner wanted to keep it when she bought the house so we left it there.  I'd love to get a new one someday.

I am amazed by how well this pantry is stocked.  I love all the canned jars.  *jealous*

I think that this is the most organized fridge in the world.  How lovely but we all know that never happens.

I have curtains like these hanging up in my living room.  Love them!

This is just a cool picture.

This cart is still calling my name.  I like it in the dark grey.  My BFF has it in the teal.  
I think my little sister has it too.  

I still love this bedding too.

Also in the mail today................

I also got a new Sur la table catalog.  This is an awesome kitchen store.  This is my favorite picture.  I love to bake and all of this looks adorable.  :)

Some cute items I found in the catalog....

Some recipes that sound delicious....

You can find some more fall recipes here.  I'm def pinning some of these.

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