September 7, 2015

New Things Monday

I'm talking about Edy's slow churned no sugar added ice creams today.

My husband had an ice cream craving the other day.  He said he wanted butter pecan.  Weird for him to crave ice cream and weird for him to crave butter pecan.  It's not like him.  LOL  

Anyways, I didn't want any.  I'm trying to be good and not eat a ton of sweets.  When I saw what he bought I was actually happy that he didn't get some fatty fat ice cream.

I tried it and was instantly a fan.

I got fudge tracks to try and this one is even better than the butter pecan.

At target these were on sale for $3 each.  I had to get them to try.  They are both AWESOME!

Images all take from website.

These ice creams were spread out over several weeks.  We didn't eat them in one sitting.  LOL  I do like that these ice creams are really good and just a little bit in a small bowl will satisfy your ice cream craving.

Where have these been all my life?  They are 1/2 the fat, 1/3 few calories and no sugar added.  Yes, please!  :)  These are all delicious and I highly recommend them.

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