September 20, 2015

2015 Garden Update- #38

So, my peppermint plants dried up and died.  I threw them out.  I do need to clean the pots.  I have several in the shed that I need to clean one nice fall day.

Here's the garden.

I still have tomatoes growing.

And tomato flowers blooming.

I picked one tomato early in the week.

I picked 3 toms this morning.

I did decide to plant some seeds for the greenhouse.  I picked up some little plastic pots from the dollar tree a few weeks ago.

I went through my seeds and looked to see what I should plant.

I laid the pots out.  12 containers came in each package.  I just used one package and put them on an old cookie sheet that I use for gardening.

I put soil in each.

I then put seeds in them.  6 peas, 1 green bean and 5 sunflowers.

I then took the tray to my greenhouse and placed on my shelf.

I watered everyone.  Now we wait. :)

Now I gotta decide what else I want to plant.

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