July 16, 2014

2nd Work Food Swap

I organized a work food swap and we had it today during the lunch hour.  This was our 2nd food swap.  The first one was last year.  We had 9 co-workers total that participated.

I made a cute sign for the door.

Here's the whole spread of goodies on the radio conference table.

I packaged them in cute clear bags with purple ribbon.  Believe it or not each bag has 42 cookies.

Here's the cookies on the table.  I made cute tags at each place where everyone could write their name and what the item was.  We did an even trade so everyone got to take home each item.  :)  This way you don't hurt anyone's feelings by not trading with them.  Everyone agreed that this was the better way so you don't feel left out or too slow to make an exchange.

I did make the mistake by telling everyone to make 9 items and then 1 sample.  It should have been 8 to trade and 1 for sampling.  But it worked out for the better. There was 1 person who really wanted to participate but something came up and she wasn't going to be able to join us.  She was really bummed out.  I asked everyone if they would be okay with giving her the extra one we all brought and everybody agreed.   She was so happy and we made her crazy swamped work day better!  :)

We had terrific items and everyone had a good time.

Jane made homemade chipotle ketchup.  It was yummy!  She served the sample with hot fries!!!  The chiptole wasn't overpowering.  It was just enough kick.  Perfect!

Hilary made fresh pasta.  This was delicious!!!  It's the best homemade pasta I've ever had.

Sharon made slutty brownies.  These were to die for.  It's one of those desserts that will make any woman who's PMSing love you.  haha  They.are.that.good!  :)

Sue made corn relish.  I didn't know if I would like this and I loved it.  Very tasty and not spicy at all.

Deirdre made spinach dip and gave everyone a bag of pita bread to eat with the dip.  MMMMM

Allie (my traffic girl) made awesome cupcakes.  She iced them blue which was the 'water' and she also made some chocolate sea shells that topped each cupcake.  YUM!!!!!!

Sam made little zucchini loafs.  These were fantastic.  I love zucchini and zucchini bread is terrific!

Last but not least.....Gayle made homemade chocolate peanut butter!  OMG!  Peanut butter.....YES PLEASE!!!  :)  We sampled peanut butter with graham crackers.  We all got to take a jar and a package of animal crackers to go with it.  :)

Everything was fantastic!!!  We all have a great time and we're already thinking about when to have another food swap.  :)

I also surprised everyone with a little giveaway.  I made slips to sign-up to win a bottle of my homemade vanilla extract and a small jar of homemade taco seasoning.  Sharon won and she was more than happy.  :)

Here's my stash.  :)

Oh yes, Allie loves hot peppers so I packaged my peppers from my garden and gave them to her to enjoy.  She told me they are chili peppers.  She loves them.  :)

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